Company Overview


February 26, 1980


96 million yen


Seiichi Mori, President and chief Executive Officer


Sale of medical devices


  • Cardiac Pacemaker,ICD,CRTD
  • Artificial heart-lung machines
  • Articicial heart valves,Artificial blood vessel,Stent graft,TAVI (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Insertion)
  • Cardiac Catheter,PTCA balloon catheter,Coronary arteries stent graft

Anual Turnover

19 billion yen

Main Banks

The Fukui Bank, Ltd.

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

MUFG Bank, Ltd.

Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

Group Companies

USCI Japan, Ltd.


ACT, Ltd.

HIMEC Co., Ltd.

Business Domain

Business Model

We aspire to be a group that fully understands the needs of frontline healthcare professionals and can help create both hard and soft infrastructure so that health care professionals can always do their best to treat the patients in their care.

Main Business

The Group handles a variety of medical devices, focusing on high risk medical devices that are provided for in the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act and require rigorous control and handling. Our core products are devices used to treat heart disease and cardiovascular disease, such as cardiac pacemakers, prosthetic valves and catheters.

Main Products

Arrhythmia Products

Cardiac arrhythmias are abnormal heartbeats caused by a variety of factors. We handle pacemakers used to treat brachycardia when the heartbeat is too slow, implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs) used to treat tachycardia when the heart beats too quickly and other arrhythmia products as well as new devices in this field. Since there are many different types of therapeutic devices for the various types of arrhythmia, during their sales activities, our sales representatives share their clinical knowledge and product knowledge with doctors to help them choose the right therapeutic device to treat the patients in their care.

Intervention Products

Interventions are procedures that involve inserting a tube called a catheter into a blood vessel to treat disease. In this field, we handle mainly devices used to treat heart disease including those used to treat peripheral blood vessels. Intervention therapies have attracted increasing attention in recent years, as they are highly effective for improving QOL without putting patients under too much stress, and a stream of innovative, effective and safe therapeutic devices are being developed. Consequently, when making sales, our sales representatives are also required to share their extensive product knowledge with health care professionals.

Cardiac Surgery Products

We handle medical devices and other products used in the surgical procedures for heart disease. Our main products in this area are prosthetic heart valves, prosthetic blood vessels and artificial heart-lung machines. In recent years, stent grafting, a form of treatment for aortic aneurism using catheters, has suddenly become more widespread, and we also sell products in this field. We are seeing a shift away from open surgical procedures towards minimally invasive catheter-based procedures in line with development of therapeutic devices and technology, and our sales representatives understand trends in advanced medical care and are constantly working to increase product knowledge in this respect.

General Supplies and Equipment

In addition to the cardiovascular products described above, we also handle general supplies such as medical materials and reagents for tests to meet frontline needs. We also propose solutions to medical centers based on our understanding of their needs and the issues they face, and supply them with diagnostic devices and other large equipment.